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Common sense to buy a portable detector a detector

I. basic functions of banknote counting machines:
1. Count the sheets;
2, check the authenticity of the currency.
Two. Several checking methods of currency counter:
1 、 magnetic analysis of safety wire
Completed by an intermediate long head. There are two types:
Test only the safety of the magnetic thread;
Detecting whether the distribution of magnetic property of the safety wire is consistent with the real money can detect more or less the same, and can judge the number of denominations of currency according to the law (this test is better).
2, fluorescence detection
The paper detects the paper currency by fluorescence. The currency of the paper is specially treated during production. This paper does not have fluorescence reaction, fluorescence detection is the use of this property to detect the true and false of the currency, and the fluorescent reaction machine will alarm.
3 、 Magnetic Examination
The two groups of magnetic heads from the left and right sides are used to check the true and false of the currency by detecting the magnetism of the currency.
4, infrared detection
The infrared value of various denomination currencies is detected by infrared ray, and each coin has its own infrared value.
5 width detection
The width of the currency face is detected by the combination of the encoder and the counting tube

How to use mechanical classification small money detector detector

Mechanical classification detector
The detector (Counterfeit Detector) is a kind of verifying the authenticity of banknotes machine. As the circulation of cash is large, the cash processing of bank cashier counters is heavy. Cash counting machine has become an indispensable equipment. Set counting and detection of forgeries in one, with the development of printing technology, copying technology and electronic scanning technology, manufacturing counterfeit level more and more high, must continuously improve the performance of the detection of forgeries currency-counting machine. The banknote counting machine is divided into horizontal and vertical banknote counting machines according to the movement track of the banknote. Discrimination means usually have fluorescence recognition, magnetic analysis and infrared penetration in three ways. The portable detector consists of portable desktop laser detector and portable handheld laser detector two.

The working principle of coin counting machine and the technical parameters of coin counting machine

Working principle of coin counting machine
The coin counting machine is a coin sorter, which can accurately distinguish various coins, and can also display the total amount of coins and the amount of coins with various denominations.
For more than 40 countries, the euro dollar coin: RMB, Sweden, Britain, Denmark, Poland, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Columbia, Brazil, Russia, India, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Israel, South Africa, Kenya, ears, and other more than 40 countries of the coin.
What are the features of coin counting machines?
The number of coins and the total amount of money can be used to check the number and the amount of each coin.
Pre sorting, sorting a set number, the machine will stop automatically after the preset number, number and amount of gold display.
It can control the starting and stopping of the machine by touching the panel, so that it is easy to operate manually.
Fault check, when the extension fault, the machine will show the corresponding fault code, easy to maintain.
Scope of application: RMB coins 1 points, 2 points, 5 points, big 1 jiao, small 1 jiao, 5 jiao, 1 yuan.

What brand of good detector detector ten list

Currency-counting machine – detector ten brand bangzhongbang detector, what brand of good <2017>
1. Kang Yi KANGYI
Began in 1994, Guangdong famous trademark, set scientific research / design, production / sale, financial machinery and tools as one of the high-tech enterprises, Guangzhou Kang Yi Electronics Co., Ltd.
2. dimensional Weirong
The larger domestic financial equipment manufacturing enterprises in the world, currency-counting machine industry one of the most competitive enterprises, Zhejiang dimensional electronic Polytron Technologies Inc
3. note of XinDa
Is committed to the development Chinese cash machines and bills of equipment, financial equipment manufacturing and marketing services in one of the modern enterprise, Shenzhen Zhongchao XinDa Financial Technologies Ltd
4. Comet Comet
Founded in 1993, Guangdong famous brand, set attendance machine / money counter / shredders and other series of office equipment R & D / production / sale of group enterprises, Guangzhou Comet, Limited by Share Ltd
Guangdong province famous trademark, the production of machinery and equipment finance, PARKnSHOP Baxter / A / 100 / Wanli brand products under the banner, Guangdong PARKnSHOP Baxter Industrial Co. Ltd.
6. ancient Ao
The Shanghai high-tech enterprises, ten brands of banknote, financial equipment manufacturing / supply equipment manufacturers at home and abroad well-known, Shanghai gooao electronic Polytron Technologies Inc
7. Deli DELI
Founded in 1988, China’s largest integrated stationery suppliers, office stationery industry leading brands, more influential cultural office brand, deli Group Limited
8. fusion RONGHE
Hunan Ronghe industry group, set research / development / production / sales and service in one of the earliest currency-counting machine / sorting machine production and sales enterprise, Hunan Fenghui Yinjia Polytron Technologies Inc
9. 000 Union
Set the development / production / sales of financial equipment of integrated high-tech enterprises, currency-counting machine industry well-known brands, Zhejiang Wanlian Electric Appliance Co. Ltd
10. Best BST
Founded in 1991, currency-counting machine brands, domestic earlier involved in the financial machinery industry enterprises, RMB identification instrument industry standard drafting unit, Shenzhen Best Machinery Electronics Co. Ltd.

How intelligent currency-counting machine upgrade method detector

There are generally two forms of escalation:
Send a hardware upgrade core board, by manufacturers, through the induction sensitivity adjustment of currency-counting machine itself, businesses need to closely to manufacturers, manufacturers to upgrade and change the parameter of the chip data, and send it back to the hands of merchants. Or through the factory staff home service upgrades.
Two. Upgrade new software by computer or other upgrade device.
1, the first update firmware that needs to be downloaded;
2 、 installation and use of software and firmware drivers;
3, in the supporting software interface, select the firmware you downloaded firmware chip can refresh;
4, during the upgrade, turn off all antivirus software, turn off other unnecessary software, such as browser, player and so on. Ensure that there will be no blackouts during the period, otherwise it will cause the money counter to be scrapped.
Upgrade method detector
Following small to dimensional detector is one of the famous brand currency-counting machine as an example to upgrade.
Compatible with the new version of the RMB software download, installation and demonstration:
A network of guards, Download
Two, network guard installation
Three, registration and landing KingNet guards
Four, program upgrades
Note: A, B, C grade point detector upgrade according to the different models, upgrade USB data lines using different, specific reference to the “point detector upgrade”.

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